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 Name Caribbeancompr Yui Oba 大場ゆい集大成 〜とんでもなく下品な接吻と尺八〜,MCDV-17
 Label Love
 Area japan
 Publish 2019-10-24
 Views 50000382
        Yui Oba is Japanese superstar.Her name is 大場ゆい,Her Chinese name is 大场由衣。 The code is MCDV-17 or 071914_847.The movie name is "Caribbeancompr Yui Oba 大場ゆい集大成 〜とんでもなく下品な接吻と尺八〜". Yui Oba is similar to Yui Hatano (波多野结衣,はたの ゆい)in face, figure and style.However, Yui Oba(大場ゆい)is younger and more beautiful, so she has become more popular in recent years.Her long hair reached her shoulders.Lovely face with big black eyes,White skin, charming hands. A blue and white dress with a grey skirt.Her skill is as good as Yui Hatano.The body is not as fat as Yui Hatano(波多野结衣,はたの ゆい).In the living room, bathroom and bedroom, she performed incisively and vividly.Every move, every feeling.Full and attractive chest,slim thighs, smooth and white.Slim waist, charming.Under the black forest, murmuring water.People are already salivating at the corners of their mouths.

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