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 Name Extremely beautiful Japanese wife,more beautiful than Yui Hatano
 Label Love
 Area japan
 Publish 2019-10-26
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        title:Extremely beautiful Japanese wife,more beautiful than Yui Hatano-极其漂亮的日本人妻-远比波多野结衣(はたの ゆい)漂亮 She is extremely beautiful, much more beautiful than Yui Hatano.She is extremely beautiful Japanese wife.She is very tender.Liu Hai is very popular with oriental women and looks particularly feminine.The tender face is very young, which is what Yui Hatano can't match now.Ugly eyes, look very young, have a charm.The body is slim, but it is very fleshy and looks very well-balanced. It must be very comfortable to touch.She looks like a Chinese young married woman.But it belongs to the Chinese sexy girl type.Her mouth is very tempting.Her posture in the above is unbearable.Yui Hatano (波多野结衣,はたの ゆい) is much inferior to her.

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